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Religious organizations map Indigenous peoples in Brazil and do not interrupt actions with isolated peoples even during the pandemic

Foreign websites offer up to 50 vacancies for evangelists to work in Brazilian towns and describe in detail the level of religious conversion of ethnic groups. Contact with isolated groups was criticized by entities even before COVID-19. Third Place of Data Journalism Contest “All Eyes on the Amazon” By Mariana Della Barba and Diego Toledo Originally published […]

Amazon Indigenous Health Route winner of SDSN award

The Amazon Indigenous Health Route won first place in the third edition of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Award, a recognition given to innovative initiatives to face the most challenging problems of sustainable development in the Amazon. The SDSN Amazônia Award was launched in May this year, in association with the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and […]

An inclusive response to COVID-19 threats in the Amazon

By: Tanja Brok The COVID-19 pandemic not only affects the health of Indigenous communities, it also exacerbates existing threats to their territories and resources. Even though the Indigenous communities have adopted voluntary self-isolation, the invasion and destruction of their lands continues. This spreads the virus further, while violating their territorial and human rights.  Hivos, through the […]

Hivos and IKIAM University collaborate to process 1008 COVID-19 tests in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Originally published on Hivos América Latina, May 26th 2020 Hivos, through the All Eyes on the Amazon program, supports the response of Amazonian Indigenous peoples and nationalities to COVID-19 and the threat it poses to their existence. In this framework, on May 25, it signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the Amazon Regional University – IKIAM […]

COVID-19 negligence can exterminate Indigenous peoples

By: Mario Nicacio Article originally published in Folha de S. Paulo, on April 15, 2020. Available at: 2020/04 / neglect-with-the-covid-19-can-exterminate-indigenous-peoples.shtml If the new coronavirus has been worrying the white man, one may imagine how it is for us. The Brazilian Indigenous Peoples were not only decimated by the brutality of the invader, but also by […]