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About All Eyes on the Amazon

About the All Eyes on the Amazon Learning Platform

The Learning Platform was developed in the framework of the All Eyes on the Amazon Program (AEA – more information below), with the goal of promoting collective learning, through sharing knowledge and skills; the engagement of AEA’s partners and allies, strengthening interaction among them; and the sustainability and impact of the actions promoted by the Program’s partner organizations, generating more visibility, scalability and support to the initiatives led by Amazonian organizations.  

The AEA Learning Platform was idealized by Hivos in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the arrival of the pandemic and constant interactions with our partners and allies, the need for a virtual space for exchanging knowledge and strengthening skills was reinforced.

From then on, Hivos has led the collaborative development of the AEA Learning Platform based on contributions of the Program’s main partners, mainly Indigenous and local organizations from the Brazilian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon Basin.

In this participatory construction process, program partners specified their preferences and needs concerning thematics, formats and training areas: the Learning Platform reflects these recommendations in an interactive and dynamic environment, adapted to Amazonian realities, prioritizing visual and multichannel content, and the access through mobile phones.

The available resources in the Learning Platform represent partners and allies’ aspirations and the content directly produced by their organizations and communities. Thus, the Learning Platform brings together diverse collaborative resources such as series of videos and podcasts, case studies, a library, resources, mobilization initiatives, and information on knowledge exchange events. Apart from resources aimed at organic learning, the Academy offers the possibility of more structured learning, through virtual and culturally adapted courses.

Above all, the AEA Learning Platform seeks to be a legacy for strengthening the Amazonian movement. Therefore, it is an open and collaborative space, where all the organizations that work to protect the Amazon forest and its inhabitants are invited to participate and contribute with their knowledge and experiences.

Browse the Platform to discover the different ways that your organization can be part of this initiative!

About the All Eyes on the Amazon program

The All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) Program aims to stop the deforestation and degradation of the Amazon rainforest by defending Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights.

Since 2018, AEA has been implemented by a coalition led by Hivos and Greenpeace that brings together more than 30 local and international organizations working in the fields of technology, Human and Indigenous Rights, conservation, transparency, advocacy and law enforcement.

AEA is possible thanks to the contribution of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, with past contributions from the Swedish Postcode National Lottery Foundation and the UK Postcode Planet Trust.

Where do we work?

We work in the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, of immeasurable cultural and environmental value for the planet. 

In an articulated manner, AEA acts regionally and in national process for the defense of the Amazon Basin in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, and also at the local level in 8 Amazonian territories threatened by violations of Human Rights and Nature.

How do we work?

Since 2018, AEA has implemented its actions through four strategic lines:

1. Radical Transparency: We use innovative technologies to collect evidence, monitor and evaluate the levels of deforestation and the trade and financial chains that affect the forests and local populations.

2. Full Responsibility: We use data in the territory and on a large scale to promote campaigns and to promote law enforcement at the local, national and international levels.

3. Durable Solutions: We develop and apply tools and mechanisms to guarantee the rights of local populations, defend environmental defenders, and recognize the land rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

4. Linking and Learning: We co-create conditions to promote collective learning, exchange and the creation of alliances and networks through the promotion of social innovation, awareness and the formation of community and organizational skills.

Furthermore, we create alliances with key actors to strengthen the actions of our partners in the areas of:

  • Legal action and strategic litigation
  • Campaigns and social mobilization
  • Intercultural education
  • Data journalism