COICA and Hivos launch Ebook “Virtual Meetings of COICA Youth”
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COICA and Hivos launch Ebook “Virtual Meetings of COICA Youth”

The Ebook is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

The Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin – COICA, a strategic partner of the All Eyes on the Amazon program, seeks to undertake a management model in the Amazon territory that further promotes the involvement and participation of the youths and connects them with their culture, language, traditions and roots, strengthening the process of struggle in defense of the territory and Mother Nature.

In this context, with the support of HIVOS, we held the Virtual Meeting of COICA youths, a space in which young people from the 9 countries of the Amazon Basin met, debated, analyzed and shared experiences on four thematic axes: 1) identity and territory, 2) ancestral knowledge and knowledge, 3) intercultural education and 4) youth and organizational politics.

Based on the exchange of experiences, the contributions were systematized; and after an arduous work of revision, editing and translation, the Ebook “Virtual Meeting of COICA Youth” was drafted in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French; collecting the problems, realities, proposals and demands of the Amazonian indigenous youths.

The book was officially presented at an event that took place on Wednesday, October 28 of this year, where representatives of the youths of the 9 Amazonian countries, the Coordination of COICA, Hivos, and other international cooperators participated.

This effort was particularly rewarding because we were just beginning to understand what the “new Normal” would allow us to do. And we found ourselves with a group of young people adaptable to the circumstances, with clarity in their long-term goals and how they wanted to accomplish them, with whom and for what. This book is a reflection of the thinking and vision of the Amazonian youth.

Connie Espinoza, Country Coordinator All Eyes on the Amazon

With the presentation of this document, the indigenous youth of the Amazon basin seek to consolidate the spaces for youth participation and summon leaders, politicians, organizations, allies and States, to unify efforts to crystallize their dreams and above all undertake actions that allow the application of intergenerational policies with cultural relevance, according to their territorial realities. Real free porn movies online porn USA, UK, AU, Europe.

The Ebook can be downloaded through the following links:

English | Spanish | Portuguese | French

For more information:

Nora Sánchez

Communications Officer

All Eyes on the Amazon